Child Custody Lawyer in Buffalo, New York

Guiding Clients Through Child Custody and Child Support Cases

Legal issues involving children need to be handled with care to protect the children. LoTempio P.C. Law Group strives to view child support and child custody issues sensitively. We always want to keep the focus on the best interests of the children. From our Buffalo office, we work closely with clients to ensure we are reaching solutions that suit their needs. You always know the status of your case and the next step in the process.

Child Custody Issues

Our Complete Counsel team takes the time to explain all aspects of custody cases to our clients. From benefits and drawbacks of any outcomes, we will provide you with straightforward advice that is designed with your future in mind. Whether you seek sole custody, joint custody, joint legal custody or visitation, our attorneys can help you understand what all of these terms mean, both under the law and in practical application for you.

New York Child Support Guidelines

In New York, much like the rest of the country, the amount of child support to be paid is set by state statutory guidelines. These guidelines outline a formula that is to be used when calculating child support. Details such as the number of children and the income of each parent go into the formula. Courts may also take other factors into consideration, such as day care and health care costs.

Learn More About How Child Support and Custody Are Handled

Whether you are getting divorced or were never married to the other parent of your children, our lawyers can provide you with the information you need regarding custody and support matters, including child support modification. Schedule a free initial consultation by calling or using our online contact form.

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