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At LoTempio PC Law Group we are often asked if a criminal conviction can be Expunged

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A criminal conviction constitutes a guilty plea or a verdict of guilty on any misdemeanor or felony charge. Despite the growing sentiment, not only in NYS but across the country, to enlarge the ability to get a conviction expunged, unfortunately in New York State, there is no such process.

Two options we advise our clients to explore

-Applying to Seal their conviction A
-Apply for a Certificate of Relief from Disabilities.
The reason we get this question, is that a criminal conviction will act as a “disability” to employment, obtaining certain licenses, applying for public housing and student loans, adoption or even holding public office.
Sometimes these convictions are twenty years old, sometimes they happened in troubling points of people’s lives and it is something that will affect them forever. Convictions never leave you and they always seem to show up at the worst time.
In order to get out from under that stigma, an eligible person may move to seal their conviction or apply for Certificate of Relief from Disabilities.
When one applies to a Court and requests that a conviction be sealed, if granted, your criminal conviction can THEN ONLY be seen by qualified agencies, federal, state and local law enforcement.
Applying for a Certificate of Relief from Disabilities, if granted, can remove certain collateral consequences or “disabilities” that are a direct result of your conviction.
If you or someone you know MAY be eligible to apply for this relief, please contact the LoTempio PC Law Group for a free consultation.


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