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Personal Injury

Personal Injury Attorneys
Personal Injury Accident

Are you looking for a team of Personal Injury Attorneys to help with your Personal Injury
claim in Buffalo, NY?  Then look no further than LoTempio P.C. Law Group.

Trusted Personal Injury Attorneys

Our team offers professional counsel and zealous legal representation to help you reach an outcome that meets your individual needs. We provide close attention to detail and a fierce desire to pursue justice.  As a result, our clients can feel more comfortable and confident in their case with our team.

Dedicated to Our Clients

Our experienced Law Team is here to ensure you get the compensation you deserve after suffering from a personal injury. We know how detrimental a personal injury can be for any individual.  This is why we work so hard to give you the legal assistance you deserve to move on with your life in comfort and care. 

Personalized Representation

Our attorneys take great care in learning all the nuances of each and every case that comes our way to ensure we offer fully personalized representation for our clients. Not every case should be treated the same. We work hard to delve deep into the individual circumstances of each personal injury claim so we are fully prepared to offer the best outcome.

The LoTempio Difference

We Are Experienced Law Professionals

For over 40 years, the law offices at LoTempio P.C. Law Group have been providing zealous legal representation for their clients. As one of the most established and trusted law firms in Buffalo, NY, we are proud to be your top choice for your personal injury case.

Trusted Locally and Beyond

Our attorneys have not only handled lawsuits and trials throughout the State of New York, but also have been called in to handle cases in other jurisdictions, including Florida, Arkansas, California and various other states where injured parties have requested our assistance in Personal Injury matters.  Additionally, we have expanded our Firm to open an office in New Mexico. Our Taos location handles all types of Personal Injury actions, including Medical Malpractice, motor vehicle accidents, falls and all other types of personal injury matters.  When you retain the attorneys at the LoTempio P.C. Law Group, you can be assured that the experience of our lawyers will help in obtaining you the best outcome for your case. 

A History of Results

With a combined history of more than a century of handling personal injury claims, the attorneys at the LoTempio Law Group have a long history of obtaining significant results for our clients.  Our attorneys have been able to obtain numerous million-dollar verdicts for clients in connection with various types of personal injury claims.  Whether it be a case involving products liability, medical malpractice, motor vehicle accidents or other types of cases, our attorneys have extensive experience in obtaining large verdicts for our clients, through both trial practice and settlements. 

A History of Success

We attorneys The LoTempio Law Group are not hesitant to fully litigate a case through trial, if it is necessary to obtain the best possible results for our clients. While the vast majority of cases settle long before trial, having a law firm that is willing to take your case through trial and appeals generally results in better outcomes, given that insurance companies recognize firms that are willing to proceed to trial in order to obtain justice for our clients.

Driven to Meet Your Needs

If you’re looking for a personal injury lawyer to help with your personal injury case, you’ve come to the right place. At LoTempio P.C. Law Group, we are fully committed to helping our clients get the best outcome for their individual needs by offering thorough and personalized representation. Give us a call at 716-855-3761 for more information about our services or to discuss your case.

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