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Starting a Home Improvement Project? Know What to do Before Signing a Contract

We here at the LoTempio P.C Law Group handle many types of cases in our Commercial Litigation Practice.

One scenario I constantly receive calls on are home improvement projects. We represent homeowners whose dream projects quickly turn into a nightmare. We also represent contractors who have performed their job in a professional manner and are refusing to be paid by homeowners who will never be happy.

One thing I would recommend before hiring any contractor is do your due diligence.

  • Ask friends
  • Read online reviews
  • Ask for referrals
  • Review their completed projects.

It is also important to make sure they are licensed and fully insured. What most people fail to do is to have an attorney review the contract. Your spending your hard-earned money and you need to understand what you are signing.

Do not rely on things said to you that are not in your contract, as those may not be enforceable. Make sure you are fully aware of warranties, either from the contractor or a manufacturer. If you are experiencing problems with a home contractor or a customer do not wait until it is too late to call us.

We also handle various other Commercial Litigation matters including Mechanic’s Liens, Shareholder Disputes, Breach of Contract, Fraud, Landlord/Tenant Disputes etc.

Please contact our office today to speak to one of our experienced Commercial Litigation Attorneys at (716) 855-3761.

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