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When Might the Government Be Liable for a Car Accident?

When Might the Government Be Liable for a Car Accident?If you were hurt in a car accident through no fault of your own, call a personal injury attorney right away. Enlisting help in the immediate aftermath will give your legal team the opportunity to gather time-sensitive evidence before it can be altered, destroyed, or become unavailable.

Having a lawyer conduct a prompt investigation will also ensure you identify all liable parties before any critical filing deadlines have passed. If it turns out that a government agency was to blame, for example, you have just 90 days to file a Notice of Claim.

Although most wrecks are caused by negligent motorists, there are a number of scenarios in which a government entity could be deemed responsible. For example, you might have grounds for a claim against a government entity if the accident was caused by:

1. Inadequate Signs or Signals

Motorists rely on signs and stoplights to get from point A to B safely. If the local municipality fails to install adequate signage or repair malfunctioning lights, they could be found liable for any accidents that occur as a result.

As such, photographs of the scene where the wreck occurred could prove integral to your claim. If you were unable to shoot the area immediately following the crash, return as soon as possible to capture all potential hazards before applicable agencies have the chance to fix them. If your injuries prevent you from doing so, don’t worry; your legal team will visit the scene as part of their investigation if this would contribute to your claim.

2. A Poorly Maintained Road

Roads are maintained by various city, state, and federal agencies. Each agency has specific duties, which might include patching potholes, installing guardrails, painting lines, and filling soft shoulders.

The government is also responsible for designing safe roadways including offramps that can accommodate even the biggest 18-wheelers and roundabouts that allow plenty of room for yielding. When motorists who are traveling at a reasonable speed cannot maneuver in traffic safely, the city planner may be to blame.

3. A Negligent Government Employee

Employers may be responsible for any damages their employees cause while acting within the course and scope of their employment. This includes government agencies. In other words, if you were struck by a government official, you may have grounds for a claim against the agency that employed him or her.

If it turns out the officinal wasn’t on the clock at the time, though, you probably won’t be able to sue the government. In such a scenario, the best recourse may be filing a third-party claim against the liable person’s auto insurance company.

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