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4 Social Media Mistakes That Could Harm a Car Accident Claim 

Social Media Mistakes That Could Harm a Car Accident Claim If you were hurt in a car accident, you may want to turn to your friends and followers on social media for support. You might have hundreds or even thousands of digital connections who can offer advice and encouragement during such a stressful time; however, if you intend to file a claim, it’s advisable to stay off social media for as long as the case is pending.

The insurance adjuster may try to monitor your online activity over the course of the proceedings to find posts that can be used to deny or at least devalue your claim. If temporarily disabling your accounts isn’t an option, be sure to avoid the following mistakes:

1. Describing Your Injuries 

It’s reasonable to assume that posting about your injuries and the challenges they pose will only serve to strengthen your claim. Depending on the circumstances, though, sharing photos, videos, and updates could end up backfiring. Should there be any discrepancies between what you post and what you end up telling the insurer, it will open the door to a dispute. 

2. Posting About Your Progress 

Your friends and loved ones are undoubtedly worried about you, but if they reach out on a public platform, don’t respond. Instead, give them a call or meet up in person to inform them of any improvements in your condition.

While a photograph captures but a single moment in time, its subject matter could be enough to dispute the severity of your injuries. And if you post a picture of you participating in strenuous activities or attending social gatherings, the insurer might argue that you have failed to mitigate the damages, which could reduce your financial recovery. 

3. Accepting New Friends or Followers 

As long as your claim is pending, don’t accept requests from people whom you don’t recognize. They could be acting on behalf of the insurance company. Assuming you’ve enabled the most secure privacy settings on each profile, friending or following you would be the easiest way for the opposing party to monitor your activity.

4. Discussing the Accident 

Do not talk about the accident in any capacity online. Ask your friends to avoid doing so, as well. Otherwise, they might be inclined to share newspaper articles about the incident or offer legal strategies for holding the liable party accountable. Should the insurer see any such posts—or your responses to them—they may be able to determine the direction in which you plan to take the case. The insurer might also try to shift at least part of the blame to you or to another party. 

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