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Expenses Covered By No-Fault Automobile Accidents

What is a “No-Fault” State? There can be many different expenses covered by no-fault automobile accidents. New York is one of a number of states that is considered a “No-Fault” state.  This means that after a motor vehicle accident, an injured person’s own insurance company pays for medical treatment.  They will also cover other out-of-pocket […]

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Importance of Preserving Evidence Following Your Motor Vehicle Accident

Preserving evidence is imperative to any claim resulting from a motor vehicle accident.  Courts have defined spoliation as the destruction or significant alteration of evidence, or the failure to preserve for another’s use as evidence in pending or reasonably foreseeable litigation. Intentional and accidental destruction can cause a spoliation issue.  Non-intentional or negligent loss of […]

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When Are Punitive Damages Recoverable in New York?

If you were seriously hurt because someone failed to act with reasonable care—or intentionally caused you harm—you may be entitled to monetary damages. By bringing a personal injury claim, it might be possible to recover compensation for lost income, healthcare bills, pain and suffering, and other compensatory damages. Depending on the circumstances, it might also […]

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How Long Do I Have to Take Legal Action Following a Car Accident?

Serious car accident injuries can derail every aspect of a person’s life. Not only do they cause physical limitations—some of which may be permanent—but they can also drain you emotionally and devastate you financially. While recovering monetary damages won’t restore your health or erase the trauma you’re facing, it could at least help you put […]

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What If My Pain After a Car Accident Was Delayed?

Impact injuries—like those sustained in motor-vehicle collisions—aren’t always immediately apparent. Internal bleeding might not manifest any symptoms for days, for example, whereas brain damage may not be apparent for weeks. As such, it’s not uncommon for car accident victims to put off seeking medical care. If you were recently involved in a wreck and you […]

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3 FAQs About Rear-End Car Accident Claims

There are nearly 2 million rear-end collisions on U.S. roads every year, the vast majority of which are entirely preventable. If every motorist chose to follow the rules of the road, drive in a predictable manner, and remain alert at all times, there would be at least 500,000 fewer injuries and 1,700 fewer traffic fatalities […]

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