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3 Social Media Tips for Personal Injury Claimants

Social Media Tips for Personal Injury ClaimantsSocial media has made it easier than ever to stay connected. Just look at your current newsfeed; before Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, people actually had to attend their high school reunions to see how old friends were doing. Today, your high school acquaintances—and college friends, coworkers, and loved ones—are just a few clicks away.

We live in an age of unprecedented accessibility, and while it certainly has its advantages, there are some major drawbacks. For example, once you publish a photo or post a video online, there’s no way to control how it spreads. Regardless of your privacy settings, virtually anyone can access your online profiles with a few savvy workarounds. Even sites that implement the most advanced security measures are vulnerable to data breaches.

Although everyone should be mindful of their digital footprint because of threats like identify theft, personal injury claimants need to be especially careful about what they post online. Social media profiles have become primary sources of evidence for insurance adjusters who are tasked with finding reasons to dispute, undervalue, or deny your claim.

To prevent your online presence from hurting your case, you should consider disabling your social media accounts until your claim has been resolved. But if you insist on keeping your profiles active, the tips below can help safeguard your information:

1. Hold off on Accepting New Friend or Follower Requests

Unless you know exactly who’s requesting to be a friend or follower, be wary of accepting new requests while your claim is pending. If you don’t recognize the individual, it could be someone working for the opposing party.

2. Update Your Privacy Settings

Updating your privacy settings so only friends or followers can see your posts is not foolproof, but it will provide an added layer of protection. At the end of the day, it will be harder for the insurance adjuster to access your photos and posts if your profiles are private.

3. Avoid Posting About Your Injuries

You may want to keep friends and loved ones updated on your recovery, but posting about your injuries could prove detrimental to your case. Even if it seems like a particular post would only corroborate your claim, there’s no way to predict how it might be misrepresented and used against you.

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