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Category: Personal Injury

Expenses Covered By No-Fault Automobile Accidents

What is a “No-Fault” State? There can be many different expenses covered by no-fault automobile accidents. New York is one of a number of states that is considered a “No-Fault” state.  This means that after a motor vehicle accident, an injured person’s own insurance company pays for medical treatment.  They will also cover other out-of-pocket […]

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What to do after a Slip and Fall

One of the ways that people are often injured in an accident is due to a trip and fall caused by a defect on someone’s property, or as a result of a slip and fall on a slippery condition. In order to protect yourself after being involved in such an accident, there are some common […]

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If I File a Personal Injury Claim, Will I Have to Go to Court?

Accident victims are often wary of taking legal action. When you’re recovering from serious injuries—or taking care of a loved one who is—you have enough to worry about without having to gather evidence, depose witnesses, file motions, and prepare statements. Thankfully, most personal injury claims never make it to trial. While negotiating for an out-of-court […]

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How Do Workers’ Comp Claims & Personal Injury Lawsuits Differ?

If you were hurt on the job, you may be wondering whether to apply for workers’ compensation benefits or file a personal injury claim. While both actions may yield funds for medical bills and other losses, there are some key differences to consider. Below we’ve outlined some of the major differences between workers’ compensation claims […]

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How Do Personal Injury Claims & Lawsuits Differ?

Most personal injury claims are brought against the insurance company of the liable party. This is called a third-party insurance claim. If you were hurt in a car accident, for example, and your case meets the serious injury threshold, you would likely file the claim with the at-fault motorist’s auto insurer. During the subsequent proceedings, […]

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