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Unfortunately, you were injured in a motor vehicle accident, suffered a slip and fall, or were injured as a result of the fault of someone else.  There are steps you can take when preparing for your personal injury case. Of course, the first step is choosing the right law firm and the right lawyer.  However, after you make that choice, or as we would hope, choose LoTempio P.C. Law Group, your work is not finished.  You should be an active participant in your own case.

Here are eight ways you can help your attorney and, ultimately, yourself. Prepare Your Personal Injury Case

  • Communicate
  • Preparation
  • See Your Doctor
  • Be Discrete
  • Your Case is Unique
  • Understand Your Situation
  • Take Notes
  • Be Patient

Preparing Your Personal Injury Case

1. Communicate

Communicate with your attorney.  With the pandemic, these communications may be by phone, Zoom conference, or email or text.  When Preparing for your personal injury case, communication with your attorney is key.

2. Preparation

Be ready to tell the attorney anything and everything that might be relevant or helpful to your situation.  Have a written list of questions or observations about your case ready. Tell your attorney about all of your injuries and all of your medical treatment and all of your medical providers.  Your attorney needs to know who you treat with and what the treatment is.  Your attorney will not know if you do not tell the attorney.

3. See Your Doctor

Never miss a Doctor appointment and always follow the Doctor’s orders and requests.

If you are involved in a personal injury case, you have a duty to “mitigate your damages.”  This means that you must attend all Doctor appointments and go to all physical therapy or chiropractic appointments.  Of course, you want to get better and recover fully from your injuries but your personal injury case also depends on you following your Doctor’s orders. Missing appointments or therapy can hurt your case.

4. Be Discrete

Regarding social media, do not post pictures or talk about your accident or incident or your injuries.

Attorneys can access these photos and this information, especially if it is public, and use it against you.  Insurance companies and defense attorneys do not believe you are injured and will search for ways to prove that you are not hurt.  Searching for photos or posts showing you dancing at a party or hiking can prove that you are not as hurt as you claim or you really do not spend all of your time confined to your home.

5. Your Case is Unique

Remember your case is unique and different than other people’s cases.

The facts are different.  The injuries are different.  You are a different person.  The success of your case and the value of your case are based on you, and based on your individual facts and circumstances.

6. Understand Your Situation

If the attorney suggests various alternatives or courses of action, be sure that you understand.

Remember the attorney is there to advise and provide counsel, but you are the person to make the final decision.  You want to be sure you understand.  If litigation is discussed, be certain to ask whether any other options are available, what is involved, and how long it might take. Ask what will happen if you do not file the lawsuit. Or if you are being sued, ask what will happen if you do not defend the lawsuit.

7. Take Notes

Before you leave the office, the virtual meeting, or end the conversation or communication, make certain you understand what the attorney said about your situation and what he or she recommends that you do.

Write all this information down. The stress of a legal consultation might make you forget something important.

8. Be Patient

Keep in mind that your case will take time.

You need time to treat and to heal.  You need time to get back to work and back to regular activities.  It takes time for your Doctor to determine if you have any permanent injuries.  Your attorney will want to move your case along, but also will want to obtain maximum compensation.  This may take longer than you had hoped, but will likely be worth it in the end.

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