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Determining Child Custody

Determining Child Custody.  In custody actions, there are several factors the Court uses to determine how the parties will have custody of their children. Today we will examine the age of the children and the parties’ living situations. Finally, we review the need to provide continuity and stability as determining factors.  Age of the Children:  […]

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3 FAQs About Coparenting During the Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has affected virtually every aspect of American life. From grocery shopping to going to school to Coparenting. While it hasn’t been easy on anyone, those with a joint custody arrangement are facing more hurdles than most. Since every family’s situation is unique, there’s no standard approach for handling parenting plans as long […]

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Divorcing During the Coronavirus Pandemic? What to Know & How to Proceed

The spread of COVID-19 and our country’s response to it have impacted American lives in countless ways. Everything from buying groceries to educating children has been modified in an attempt to protect society as a whole. Unfortunately for those in the midst of divorce, legal proceedings have not been immune to the changing times. Whether […]

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Family Law Matters during New York Pause

As part of New York Pause, Family Courts are closed in all counties in New York. Each Court is taking Abuse and Neglect cases brought by the Department of Social Services and serious Juvenile Delinquency proceedings. In Erie County, domestic violence matters are processed at the Family Justice Center. They are available at 716 558 […]

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How to Make Divorce Easier on Your Children

Ending a marriage is never easy, but it can be especially challenging when there are children involved. In fact, it’s not uncommon for parents to postpone filing for divorce until their kids have grown up and moved out of the house. While it’s certainly understandable why some couples opt to stay married even if they’re […]

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Can You Modify a Child Custody Order in New York?

If you have joint custody of your children but the current arrangement is no longer working, you may be able to get the custody order modified. As long as you can demonstrate a “change in circumstances,” you can file a Custody/Visitation Modification Petition in Family Court. The same factors that influenced the original court order […]

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